Rexel Shredder DUO+CD S3                 
R 1997.00  (incl VAT)
This practical small office shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into little confetti cut pieces. The Duo CD takes 5 sheets at a time and has a 17 litre bin which is easy to empty as the head simply lifts off.
Cross Cut for general security (S3 P3) - Cuts 1x A4 page into 300 pieces (confetti)
17 litre bin capacity
Entry width of 220mm
10 sheets (80gsm) at a time
Cut size of 4x45mm
Run time sheets/cycle - 360
Stylish design
Noise level of 70 dBA
Accepts staples, paperclips, credit cards & CDs/DVDs
1 User
1 Year Guarantee
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