Rexel Auto+ 80X Cross Cut Shredder
R 4662.00  (incl VAT)
Spend 98% less time shredding, save time and money with Auto Feed shredders. This personal shredder shreds up to 125 sheets (70gsm) or 80 sheets (70gsm) automatically in to approx. 200 4x45mm pieces each (P-3). With the Auto+ 80X shredder, you do not need to stand and feed it, or even remove staples or paper clips first. It has an automatic feed and a 20 litre bin so you can load up to 125 A4 sheets and leave it to get on with the job.
Cut Type: Cross Cut
Entry Width (mm): 220
SHRED SIZE: 4 x 45mm
Shredder Type: Auto Feed
Period of Warranty: 2 years
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